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A solid company specialized in designing and implementing ecosystems of low environmental impact that are made with quality, beauty, and balance, while providing excellent value for money.

Our ornamental ponds, natural swimming pools, and gardens combine aesthetics with the latest technology, using imported equipment, diverse fish species, special stones, and beautiful aquatic plants that make up the ecosystem. Once ready, besides beauty and harmony, they provide a closer relationship to nature and add value to the landscaping project.

For Genesis Ecosystems, the quality of the provided services is essential. We have therefore put together a team of qualified, highly competent professionals to carry out our projects. Besides handling the rigorous planning of all the stages of construction, they are able to take on technical challenges in the quest for the continuous improvement of our quality processes.

Being the leading company in the creation and development of ecosystems comprised of ornamental ponds.

Designing quality, balanced ecosystems that are also excellent value for money.

Integrity and quality in all relationships; respect life and learn from it; love in everything we do.



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Trained Staff

Dedication and professionalism

Genesis Ecosystems has an adequate infrastructure for the development of its team: skilled people, who are well trained and committed to their goals. Several experts forming a single team.

Our team is ready to apply their expertise and ensure quality in the execution of each stage of the project. They count on a fleet of vehicles, equipment, machinery, and tools.

Show Room

You are our special guest

Visit our Show Room, a nice place to meet customers, partners, and friends.
Here, you can find anything you may want for your ornamental pond, such as beautiful nishikigoi carps, a wide range of feed and medicines for ornamental fish, as well as filters, pumps, ornamental stones, and aquatic plants.


High quality service

Founded in 2004, Genesis Ecosystems has undertaken numerous projects in landscaping and ornamental ponds, all carried out by a team that with every new challenge gets better at creating ecosystems of all types and sizes. Our customers have ranged from large developers to private properties for social and familial recreation. We also have a store that sells products and accessories for ponds and gardens.

• Projects
• Renovations
• Maintenance
• Sizing of the filtration system
• Sale of fishes
• Sale of accessories
• Sale of aquatic plants
• Sale of stones and special sands
• Waterproofing
• Veterinary consulting (ornamental fish)
• Histological examinations
• Seminars and talks

• Projects
• Renovations
• Maintenance
• Execution
• Sale of plants and accessories
• Decks and pergolas


Reliability and quality

Genesis Ecosystems is based in Holambra, in the state of São Paulo, a city known as the city of flowers, and so we count on several high-quality partners. These include producers of plants that range from ground covers to large palm trees, as well as suppliers of decks, furniture, and materials, and suppliers of aquarium products and ornamental fish. This way, we secure the peace of mind of our customers by ensuring that they will always get the best deal.
We have several suppliers in aquarism and ornamental fish.
The partnership of Genesis Ecosystems, Cubos, and Carlisle makes it possible to manufacture customized products that are tailored to the needs of your ecosystem. This way, we give you a 20-year warranty on the waterproofing.


Ornamental Pond in Miami


Manaus Botanical Garden


31th Expoflora in Holambra-SP


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